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John Fletcher      Laura Hope-Gill

"After visiting my landscapes website in the spring of 2008, Laura
replied with an email containing an attachment titled, 'The Soul
Tree.'  I was stunned after reading the poem, then I noticed that
there were 35 more pages to the document.  My jaw dropped a
little lower each time I scrolled to the next poem…36 in all.  

Not only was her writing beautiful and poignant, but her poetry
brought new life to the photographs.  I was also quite
overwhelmed by her choice of photos…not the pretty sunset
pictures that most people like.  She was inspired by the photos
that were my favorites…the mysterious and more abstract images
that I feel personify my experience and observations.
I soon began sending her
images that were not on my
website, and one by one,
she volleyed back poems,
each one even more
amazing than the next.  
This continued for a couple
of months as I continually
created page layouts in
Photoshop, and before we
knew it, The Soul Tree had
been created..."
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