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Soultree offers a wide range of Herbal remedies and food supplements for all who desire a healthy holistic lifestyle. SoulTree is a family-business that started up in 1987 as a wholesale nursery trading mostly in indigenous trees, shrubs and herbs.
Gradually, after much research and as our knowledge expanded, the business took a turn to more useful medicinal plants and herbs.
SoulTree grows 100%Natural and Organic herbs and sustainably harvest wild indigenous medicinal plants for use in a wide range of tinctures, oils, salves and teas. Only top quality hand picked ingredients are selected for our unique drying process to ensure the full spectrum, super-concentrated end-products.
Our goal is to expand the individuals horizons to the health benefits of natures giving herbs and a general improved level of well-being.
Our products have not been certified to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
If in any way you feel uncomfortable or have an allergic reaction, which rarely happens, please stop further use and contact your medicinal practitioner for advice.
Please enjoy our herbal products for your delicate health and be assured of relief and benefits in many ways. Always feel free to contact your agent for any specific needs.

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