Diatomaceous Earth Capsules


Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occuring sand extracted from the earth. It consists of microscopic skeletons of alggae – known as diatoms – that has fossilized over millions of years. There are two main tipes of Diatomaceous Earth : Food grade ; which is suitable for consumption, and filter grade, which is inedible but has many industrial uses. The Diatomes in Diatomaceous Earth largly made up of a chemical compound called Silica. Silica is commonly found in nature as a component of everything from sand and rocks, to plants and humans. Diatomaceous Earth is however a concentrated source of Silica.

Food Grade : This tipe contains 0.5 – 2% Crystalline Silica and is used as an insecticide and an anti-caking agent.


In the Agricultural and food industries it is approved for use by the EPA, USDA and FDA. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has become popular as a dietary supplement. It is claimed to have the following health benefits.

– Cleanse the Digestive tract by detoxing

– According to a 2007 study in the journal of nutrition, health and aging it improves Bone health

– Promote Hair growth

– Support healthy digestion

– Provide the body with trace minerals

– Improve Cholesterol and Heart health.

– Promote strong nails and healthy skin

– Helps to balance your hormones

– Strengthen immune system

– While Silica is the primary mineral found in Diatomaceous earth, it also features Calsium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potasium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus, Celium, Manganese, Boron And Chromium among other minerals.

Regular ingestion of Diatomaceous Earth may help to prevent Kidney stones and heal infections of the Urinary system. The high level of magnesium and other minerals, found in Diatomaceous earth can act as a natural diuretic which may be able to increase the excretion of urine and help promote normal function of the Urinary system.

Headaches, Migraines and associated conditions such as Vertigo, Tinitus may be partially alleviated with food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and other natural supplements. Magnesium is essential to many intercellular processes and is know to play an important role in Migraine Pathogenesis. With many of the other minerals in Diatomaceous Earth also needed to prevent cortical spreading depression and other causes of headaches.

– Use Diatomaceous Earth for detoxing at least one hour before eating or two hours after a meal.

– Continue using Diatomaceous earth daily for 10 days then wait 10 days before using again. Repeat the 10 days on, 10 days off cycle for 90 days.


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