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African Meshima / Phellinus Rimosis Polypore mushroom. Mushroom of immortality, cracked bracket, African False Tinderconk. The medicinal Phellinus Rimosus mushroom, Looks almost as ancient as its history suggests it. Used all around the world, this weathered looking fungus has secured itself a place among the most medicinal species in places like Japan, China, Australia, and Africa.


Phellinus species have been revered as Medicinals for thousands of years in Japan& China. Tea and concoctions made from this mushroom were drank for vitality and long life. Both the Aborigines of Australia and the Kerala people of ancient India have also used this mushroom for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

in the 20th century the Phellinus Mushroom gained, renewed interest when they were used by the local people of the Meshima Islands of Nagasaki, Japan to successfully treat victims of atomic bombings who had been sent to those islands for recovery.

Meshima Rimosus supports the body against radiation poisoning. Being the most abundant and most medicinal of the Phellinus genus found in South African though not the only, African Meshima appears to exhibit a wider range of immunostimulant than other mushroom Polysaccharides. It stimulates both the cell mediated (macrophages, lymphocytes, natural killer cells) and the numeral (mediated by antibodies) parts of the immune boosting benefits are indeed valid. Phellinus Rimosus is said to detoxify and restore the internal organs, it is also known to be a diuretic, digestive tonic, immune stimulant and cancer treatment.

Modern research has proven Mess not, immunostimulatory, cyto-protective, and antimicrobial activities. African Meshima showed the most potent antioxidant activity among the listed medical mushrooms (including reishi). Meshima also shows significant antibacterial activity Escherichia-coli, salmonella , typhimurium and bacillus subtilis, hispadine, slows the growth of



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