Rosehip (Rosa Canina)


Rosehips have shown that the aging processes and degenerative changes of the skin, flabbiness, discolorations and wrinkles are caused by physiological changes in collagen – the intercellular cement substance. This deterioration is primarily affected by Vitamin C deficiency in the tissue. Sufficient Vitamin C in your diet will keep the collagen strong and elastic, thus, resulting in a tight, smooth and lovely complexion. Two German doctors, Prof. Werner Grab and Prof. H Kraut, attribute great curative powers to Vitamin C. Hepatitis, rheumatic disease, influenza, metabolic disease, acute poisoning, polio are aided dramatically with Vitamin C treatment. In Russia where there is more research done on Vitamin C than in other countries (Rosehips is called Vitamin Roses – Vitamin C native to North West – Africa, Europe and Asia, dog roses are now found throughout North America and New Zealand. The name reputedly derives from a Roman tradition that the root was, erroneously a cure for rabies caused by dog bites.


Sporty people. They live in a climate with severe and rapidly changing temperatures. Their skin is exposed to constant temperature changes. They swim in ice cold water in winter, often directly after a hot steam bath. There is an unanimous agreement among the or most experts on beauty and health, that constant temperature changes are invigorating and stimulating on the biochemical activity of the skin. If you live in a climate which is not conductive to outdoor activities, here are a few ways to stimulate your skin at home.

  1. Take once/twice a day an alternative hot and cold shower, preferably in connection with you daily exercise. Start warm and make 3-4 changes from warm to cold. Specifically, expose your face to the cold and warm changes. Rub yourself. Always finish with Coldwater. Dry and warm.Swedish women have long been known for their beauty. Sweden, a little, far-away, Scandinavian country, has produced more internationally known beauties than any other


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